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Neptune Advanced Leak Detection Probe [Low-Profile]

Brief Description: Use this probe in combination with the ALD module. The probe is low-profile so it slips easily under your carpet; hiding it away, but giving you the peace of mind of leak detection. Easily plugs into the ALD with a modular RJ11 connection.
  • Product No. CNNE-ALD-P1 - Ships in 2 to 7 days
Price: $44.93

An easy to use way to detect water on the floor! The ALD Module now gives your Apex the ability to detect water on the floor in up to four separate locations and tells your Apex to sound an alarm, email you, or whatever action you desire giving you the ultimate in peace of mind. This new module is Plug-and-Play, connecting to the Apex System's Aquabus. It has four separate probe ports where you can plug in either the optionally available low-profile probe (perfect for under carpets) or the weighted, solid-surface probe. The ALD has four inputs for the ALD probes. The ALD and ALD Probes are sold separately.

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