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AquaticLife RO Buddie [50 gpd]

Brief Description: The Aquatic Life RO Buddie 50 GPD 3-Stage RO system features unbelievable affordability and functionality, all in a very compact design. Designed to provide a reliable source of economical filtered water for aquarium use, all systems use Thin-Film Composite (TFC) Membrane RO cartridges in conjunction with Carbon and Sediment cartridges to effectively and efficiently remove harmful substances such as heavy metal ions, dissolved solids (TDS), Chlorine and particulate matter from municipal tap water.
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Price: $99.99

Small footprint of the unit makes it easy to place under cabinets or in limited spaces.
Sediment and Carbon cartridges are up-front and easy to replace.
Membrane Housing accepts standard 11-3/4 inch TFC Membrane Filter Cartridges.
Faucet Adapter makes it easy to connect to standard Garden Hose Threads (GHT).
Includes 20 feet of Polyethylene Tubing to plumb.
Quick Connections make it easy to remove and replace cartridges.
Mounting Brackets hold the unit securely while mounted in a convenient location.
Included Membrane Housing Wrench makes removing cap easy.

The RO Buddie 3-Stage systems can be easily upgraded to a 4-Stage RO/DI system by adding our De-ionization (DI) Color Changing Mixed Bed Resin Cartridge, Item AL330242, sold separately.

Suggested water pressure: 60 PSI
Maximum water pressure: 100 PSI
Optimal Water Temperature: 77°F (25°C)
Maximum Water Temperature: 105°F (40.5°C)
Typical Rejection Rate: 1:4.5

What's In The Box:
RO Unit
Faucet Adapter
Membrane Wrench.

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