CaribSea Caribbean Crushed Coral [40 lbs] 1CaribSea Caribbean Crushed Coral [40 lbs] 2

CaribSea Caribbean Crushed Coral [40 lbs]

Brief Description: Natural dramatic colours and textures combined with pH support characterize CaribSeas Coraline™ products. These are coarser materials suitable for most undergravel filtration and fish systems or as an accent for finer sands anywhere where elevated pH values are desirable. Consider the Coraline™ products in brackish or Cichlid aquariums (Central American or African).
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CaribSeas substrates are purposely engineered and free of impurities such as ash, metals, pesticides, and silica; which allows you to create a safe and beautiful environment for your fish and invertebrates. Precision grading makes system design a breeze!

Typical Size: 3.0 - 6.0mm
Average Density: 72 pounds per cubic foot

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