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ISTA CO2 Indicator - All Angle View

Brief Description: This ISTA CO2 indicator allows you to monitor the CO2 level in your tank from any angle, with smart design, to prevent any chance of spilling of the indicator solution. The reusable colour chart sticker allows you to change the location of the sticker along with the CO2 indicator.
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How to use
Take apart the CO2 indicator.
Add 1cc of indicator solution to the reservoir then reattach the CO2 indicator firmly.
Submerse the CO2 indicator vertically and attach to the desired location inside the tank with the suction cup that is included.
Stick the colour chart on the glass wall of the tank (position it to cover the suction cup) to read the CO2 level in your tank.
Change solution evey 2-4 weeks. Changing the solution when you perform water changes is NOT necessary.

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