Polyplab Premium Coral Frag Glue [25 x 4g pk] 1Polyplab Premium Coral Frag Glue [25 x 4g pk] 2

Polyplab Premium Coral Frag Glue [25 x 4g pk]

Brief Description: Polyplab's Premium Coral Frag Glue is the perfect solution for glueing aquatic plants and corals. The ultra-thick super glue gel has a bunch of uses, from regular fragging, aquascaping, or even placing entire colonies on rocks.
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Price: $45.49

What makes it different?
Initial use child proof protection ring.
Positive pressure only aluminum tubes means you get all the glue that you pay for.
The ability to glue underwater with out any back syphoning / compromising the product.
It is an ultra thick gel that you can literally "make ice cream cones with".
Every tube comes with it's own stem.
Stem diameter is uniform for a perfect application.
Glue has an 8 hr work time when exposed to air for extended frag session.
Glue will react with water and bond within 5-15 seconds.
Great for fresh water plants as well.

This Pack contains 25 - 4 gram tubes.

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