API Accu-Clear [237 mL]

API Accu-Clear [237 mL]

Brief Description: API Accu-Clear quickly and easily clarifies your cloudy aquarium. This solution clumps suspended particles together until they are big enough to be picked up by the filter. Achieve sparkling, clear water with the help of this proven solution.
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Quickly clarifies hazy aquarium water by eliminating clouding brought about by suspended particles
Works by clumping tiny floating particles together, forming particles large enough to be removed by the aquarium filter (filter not included)
Helps eliminate the milky haze caused by gravel in new aquariums

Add 1 mL per 10 gallons of aquarium water. Water will clear within several hours. If second dose is necessary, wait 24 hours.

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Excellent service, fast delivery. Will not hesitate to order from this store in the future.

Rated by Mary J. from Wyoming
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