ISTA Aluminum CO2 Cylinder (Face Up) [2 Liter] 1ISTA Aluminum CO2 Cylinder (Face Up) [2 Liter] 2

ISTA Aluminum CO2 Cylinder (Face Up) [2 Liter]

Brief Description: The Ista CO2 Aluminum Cylinder features a Face-up connection, for easy, convenient installation. It is DOT approved, safety and quality assured, and its surface has been treated with an epoxy resin coating, to prevent oxidation. Easily refilled, this cylinder will prove to be a long-lasting addition to your aquariums CO2 setup.
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Ensure sufficient CO2 supply for photosynthesis.
TUV safety regulation approved to promise most safe and reliable CO2 storage and supply.
All seamless aluminum alloy compressed gas cylinder.
With special coating to limit damage from scratch.
Works greatly in a water plant tank or with a calcium reactor.

1L 330mm X 81mm
2L 280mm X 115mm
3L 405mm X 115mm

To achieve the best result, conjunction with ISTA bubble counter, check valve and ceramic diffuser is recommended.
Avoid direct sun light and storage temperature above 50?

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