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API Ammo-Carb [1,134 g]

Brief Description: Ammo Carb is a unique blend of high grade activated carbon and ammonia-removing media for freshwater aquariums and ponds. The activated carbon removes dissolved organic waste, colours and odors. The ammonia-removing media removes toxic ammonia produced by fish waste, uneaten food and organic debris as well as chloramine from tap water. Ammo-Carb is a double filtration system in your aquarium.
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All-natural filtration media is designed exclusively for freshwater aquariums.
Versatile system works with any aquarium filter, rather than a select few.
Helps to remove dissolved organic materials and deadly ammonia.
Mixes Ammo-Chips' natural ammonia-removing minerals with Activated Filter Carbon.
Promotes fish health and vitality.

Improper ammonia levels in aquariums may damage gill membranes, and prevent fish from carrying on normal respiration. High levels of ammonia quickly lead to fish death, with even smaller amounts resulting in fish stress and higher likelihood of disease.

Use when starting or maintaining an aquarium, replace monthly or sooner if aquarium is heavily stocked and/or ammonia, colours and odors are detected.

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