ISTA Mini Gauge CO2 Controller [For Disposable Cartridge Only] 1ISTA Mini Gauge CO2 Controller [For Disposable Cartridge Only] 2

ISTA Mini Gauge CO2 Controller [For Disposable Cartridge Only]

Brief Description: Equipped with German-made solenoid with safety valve, assure quality, silence and safety. A precision needle valve provides stable and accurate CO2 output. Made with anti-rust stainless steel. Hand air-tighten design, no tool required.
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- Air tighten design, no tool required in fastening to the CO2 cylinder.
- With safety valve to prevent danger from over pressured.
- Output pressure reduced to assure reliable and precise CO2 injection.
- With solenoid to work with a timer.
- With mini size pressure gauge to be nice in design and compact in size.

- Connect and fasten the pressure regulator to the on/off valve of the CO2 cylinder.
- Fasten the CO2 out let controlling node to the closed position.
- Connect the plug to a timer and set the timer at the position of "power on" then slowly release the CO2, adjusting node to the dosing rate desired.
- Next set the timer ready.
- To loosen the CO2 controller, close the on/off valve of the cylinder completely, release all the remaining CO2 in the CO2 controller then simply loosen the CO2 controller by hand.

- Do not immerse under water.
- Protected from falling or impact.
- Hand tighten only. Do not use tool in assembling or disconnecting.

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