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Aquatic Life Universal & Hybrid Fixture Hanger [Single Bracket - White]

Brief Description: Aquatic Life's Universal & Hybrid Fixture Hanger is a premium mounting option that allows you to suspend aquarium light fixtures over your tank and easily attaches to your aquarium stand. Use for Aquariums or Indoor Gardening - Easy to Install - Easily Adjustable and Secure.
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- Horizontal extending arms allow suspension of light fixtures over aquariums up to 30 inches tall
- Adjustable Mounting Plates allow for use on a wide variety and heights of aquarium furniture
- Adjustable stop collar keeps cables safely secured
- Included Zip-ties make power cord management easy
- Each hanger is rated for a maximum of 10 lbs.

Adjustable to 44" high. Extension arm max length 13". Weight 5.5 lbs. Suspension hardware not included (AL470281).


WARNING: The Light Fixture Hanger should be mounted into a secure surface only. Do not mount hardware directly into drywall/gypsum board (such as a wall) or any similar material. Mounting hardware MUST be attached with supplied screws into a wood board or wall studs that can handle 100 lbs or more.

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