Reef Brite Live Rock Enhance [57 g]

Reef Brite Live Rock Enhance [57 g]

Brief Description: The Reef Brite Live Rock Enhance helps speed up the curing process of new live rock by introducing beneficial bacteria that eat detritus, algae, slime and other dead organic matter. Established live rock also benefits from releasing clogged detritus.
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Accelerates curing of new live rock, sand, and porous structures within the aquarium
Maintains biological filtration cycle
Safe for reef and fish only aquariums, with or without live rock
Unclogs biofilters, refugiums and dead spots in water columns
Formulated of microbial spores and enzymes
Allows desired microorganisms to colonize

Suggested use:
Store in a cool dry place, or refrigerate
Initial dose for seeding live rock, and sand:
Dose 1 scoop per 25 gallons in high circulation area
For best results, add dose to a cup of aquarium water, stir, and dose after 20 - 30 minutes
Dose for curing live rock:
Dose daily until ammonia levels reach 0 ppm and water is clear
Use in conjunction with protein skimmer
Change water when cloudy and re-dose
Keep water at approximately 72 to 73 degrees F
Keep salinity at approximately 1.020 - 1.021 SG

Ingredients: Bacillus subtillis, Bacillus licheniformis, attendant enzymes, botanical extracts and accompanying enzymes
Approximate size = 7 billion cfu/g
Treats approximately 2000 gallons

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