DVH Aquatics All-In-One Advanced BioPellets [500 mL]

DVH Aquatics All-In-One Advanced BioPellets [500 mL]

Brief Description: The All-in-One NP-reducing Biopellets are improved in their Phosphate (10X) and Nitrate (5x) removing activity. The BioPellets can be placed in a fluidized filter or canister filer with high water flow, allowing subtle movement of the pellets. The pellets will allow aerobic growth of bacteria which will consume the BioPellets, whilst nitrogen and phosphorus are taken from the water as nitrate and phosphate. The surplus of bacteria must be removed by, for instance, a protein skimmer.
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DVH were the first to develop and present the "NP reducing Biopellets", which remove Nitrogen waste products, and to a small extent, also Phosphates. When competitors rested on their success and sat back, DVH kept developing their product.

After 4 years of research they have developed an All-In-One Biopellet (Patent Pending), which can be used to more efficiently remove both Nitrogen (5x) as well as Phosphates (10x-20x) without the need of using separate phosphate removing substrates.

Use 35-145gr/1.23-5.11oz of pellets per 100L/26.4 gallons of water. Of note, allow your aquarium inhabitants to adjust to their new environment by slowly increasing the level of BioPellets over a period of several weeks. Add extra pellets every 3-6 months.

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