ISTA CO2 Controller - Mini Gauge [vertical mount] 1ISTA CO2 Controller - Mini Gauge [vertical mount] 2

ISTA CO2 Controller - Mini Gauge [vertical mount]

Brief Description: The ISTA CO2 Controller with Mini Gauge Vertical mount features a solenoid for use with a timer and is compatible with refillable tanks. Equipped with German-made solenoid with safety valve, assure quality, silence and safety. Dual gauge indicators show different pressure volume, one indicate the pressure inside the bottle, and the other one shows the depressurize power.
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Price: $149.99

Precision needle valve provides stable and accurate CO2 output.
Made with stainless steel, anti-rust.
One stage pressure reduced to assure constant reliable CO dosing.
Easy to assemble. No tools required in fastening to the CO2 cartridge.
Compatible with refillable tanks
Features a solenoid for use with a timer

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