ESV Ultra White Calcium Carbonate Reef Substrate - Fine Grade [50 lbs]

ESV Ultra White Calcium Carbonate Reef Substrate - Fine Grade [50 lbs]

Brief Description: ESV Ultra--White Substrate provides the whitest calcium carbonate based sand available to the marine aquarist. This translates to greater efficiency of lighting systems by providing increased levels of reflected light from the aquarium bottom. The very fine particle size of the predominantly calcite sand offers many advantages to the aquarist. Particle size: 0.43 - 1.18mm.
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Finer sands provide an environment which supports a wider diversity of substrate dwelling species than coarser grade sands. It has been our experience that these organisms quickly establish themselves as recruits from live rock. This process usually takes about one month. Seeding with "live sand" may speed up the process and increase the diversity of substrate dwelling organisms.

The addition of live sand is not essential for this product to perform as a denitrifying habitat within closed aquaria. The fine particle size also prevents entrapment of larger detritus particles, provides efficient denitrifying zones with as little as one inch depth, and facilitates dissolution of sand by providing very high surface area.

We recommend 1.5 to 2 inches of sand. 8.25 pounds of sand will cover 1 square foor of tank bottom with a sand layer 1 inch deep.

Available in 50 lb. bags

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