Aquaforest Plug Rocks [24 pk]

Aquaforest Plug Rocks [24 pk]

Brief Description: High quality and biologically neutral plugs created for easy fragging. Our artificial rocks resemble natural live rock and they fit perfectly into a standard crate. AF Plug Rocks are ideal for fragging SPS, LPS and soft corals. Plugs prevent the frags from tipping over and provide stability. Plugs naturally blend into marine aquascape.
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Price: $11.99

Biologically neutral plugs made to easily fit grids in the frag tanks. The size of AF Plug Rocks fits perfectly most common reef grids sizes. These plugs were made of the highest quality materials to make sure we provide the best environment for your most precious frags.

• Easy fragging
• Fit most of the grids
• Perfect for small frags
• Top diameter: 1,9 cm
• Leg diameter: 1,1 cm

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