Eshopps Skim-Buddy S

Eshopps Skim-Buddy S

Brief Description: The Eshopps Skim Buddy is an auxiliary skimate container used to remotely collect skimate and extend the servicing time of your protein skimmer. This acrylic reservoir conveniently hangs on the side of your sump or aquarium placing it within close range of your protein skimmer collection cup drain. This type of simple hang-on container also has many other applications such as holding new fish and invertebrates during acclimation or as a reservoir for dosing aquarium chemicals & additives.
  • Product No. PSES-95851 - Ships in 2 to 7 days
Price: $53.99

Built in hanger with locking nylon thumb bolt 10mm male barb connector (10mm tubbing not included)
Clear level view acrylic construction
Solid grey colored lid
2.5 litre capacity

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