Neptune Energy Bar 4

Neptune Energy Bar 4

Brief Description: The Energy Bar 4 module features 4 independently controllable outlets. With power failure detection, active electrical current monitoring, and fail safe features make this power bar far better than any competing units.
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EnergyBar 4 Features
4 independently controllable 120V Outlets (3 outlets @ 8 Amps, 1 outlet @ 12 Amps, total current must be less than 15 Amps).
Built-in 4 port AquaBus hub so that accessories can be easily added.
Communicates with and powers the AquaController Apex Display, base unit and accessories through the AquaBus.
Active electrical current monitoring and logging through the AquaController Apex.
Fail-safe setting. If communication failure occurs between the AquaController Apex and the EnergyBar 4, each outlet can be configured to revert to a user settable default setting.
High reliability direct-wired connection to the Apex System through the AquaBus (does not use X10).
Completely silent operation on the solid state switched outlets.
"Soft-Start" on the solid state switched outlets for reduced pump wear.
Two outlets with relay switching for higher power switching.
Up to 240 EnergyBar4 devices can be connected together for up to 960 switched outlets on a single AquaBus.
Built-in circuit breaker protected.
4 Mounting Holes for easy installation.
Compact custom aluminum enclosure (7.25" x 3.75" x 1.8").

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