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ISTA UFO CO2 Diffuser

Brief Description: The ISTA UFO CO2 Diffuser provides a delicate CO2 diffusing effect. The top quality design allows the replacement of the diffusing ceramic; eliminating the clogging problem. The CO2 pipe can be fastened to the diffuser in a vertical position. This prevents the pipe from bending which restricts the flow of CO2. To have the best diffusing effect, place the diffuser in the very bottom of the tank to maximize the CO2 diffusion in water (creating more contact time of CO2 bubbles with surrounding water). Includes a silicon suction cup.
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- Specific material of ceramic assures the best diffusing effect.
- Easy assembling for cleaning and replacing ceramic.
- Vertical CO2 input for avoiding air pipe bended.
- Ultra slim design, could be settled at the bottom of the tank for increasing diffusing rate.
- Silicon gel material of suction pad for acid, harden resistant and operation life.

Use replacement ceramic item # IS05887

How to use
To clean or change the ceramic, use a coin to loose or fasten the diffuse at the bottom side.

It is normal that big CO2 bubble gathered around the edge at the beginning of use, after 24 hours these CO2 bubble should disappear.

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