Instant Ocean Holdfast Epoxy Stick [4 oz] 1Instant Ocean Holdfast Epoxy Stick [4 oz] 2

Instant Ocean Holdfast Epoxy Stick [4 oz]

Brief Description: Instant Ocean HoldFast is for bonding to glass or other smooth surfaces. Use it to bond live rock, slate, plants and coral. This is an easy to use product that is safe for all fish and invertebrates and can be used in for freshwater or marine aquariums. Simply clean and rough surfaces to be bonded, cut or break off the desired amount of HoldFast, and knead the mass with your fingers until it turns white. Then apply to bonding surface, being careful to fill any cracks and crevices. Smooth or sculpt any excess HoldFast to blend with surfaces.
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The HoldFast Epoxy Stick has superior bonding ability that allows you to create steps, caves, cliffs, and walls for aquarium animals to enjoy. It bonds all types of materials from rocks, to corals, to slate, and many more. HoldFast Epoxy Stick is non-toxic to fish and invertebrates and is great for use in freshwater or saltwater.

The epoxy dries within 30 minutes and can be sanded, filled or drilled in less than an hour. It dries to a natural white color. You have about 7 minutes before HoldFast begins to harden.

Non-toxic, superior bonding agent
Bonds all types of materials, from rocks to corals, slate and more
Create steps, caves, cliffs and walls for aquarium animals to enjoy
Won’t harm fish and invertebrates – use in freshwater or saltwater

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