New Life GROW Small Sinking 0.5mm-0.75mm Pellet [60 g]
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New Life GROW Small Sinking 0.5mm-0.75mm Pellet [60 g]

Brief Description: New Life Spectrum® GROW is specially designed to help fry, juvenile and young fish reach their maximum potential. GROW combines New Life Specturm's highest amount of squid protein with the Spectrum Nutrition Formula with additional Omega-3 and marine proteins like Whole Antarctic Krill and Whole Fish.
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Price: $12.81

Pellet Size: Small (.5 - .7mm)

Available as a small pellet suitable for juvenile and small (but growing!) fish. Also available as 200 to 300 micron fry starter powder ­— large enough to see and eat, but small enough for fry to consume.

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