Lifegard 1 in. Slip (on flange side) x Threaded Bulkhead
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Lifegard 1 in. Slip (on flange side) x Threaded Bulkhead

Brief Description: Lifegard heavy wall bulkheads are constructed of the highest impact resistant PVC which eliminates the possibility of finding hidden cracks when filling your aquarium. This 1 in. Bulkhead features a Slip X FTP connection. There is no threading on the interior of the "wet" side, however female threading is featured on the "dry" side.
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The rubber bushing always goes on the "wet" side of the tank or reservoir for a proper seal. Pipes or fittings which have been slipped in place must be glued in between the joint to ensure a water tight seal, whereas threaded pipes or fittings require Teflon tape.

If you are looking for a Glass Drill Bit for use with this Bulkhead choose a 45mm Diamond Coated Drill Bit.

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