Lifegard Turbo Reactor Medium Side Flow with Quiet One 800

Lifegard Turbo Reactor Medium Side Flow with Quiet One 800

Brief Description: Lifegard's Turbo Media Reactors are perfect for biopellets, but can also be used for carbon and GFO too. The Turbo name comes from the unique spinning action that is made with the flow. The flow keeps biopellets from clumping while providing maximum contact time with the media as the water produces a vortex-like stream. The vortex style stream causes excessive agitation of the bio-pellets and other media. Each reactor comes with diffusion plates and foam pads for use with carbon and GFO.
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Lifegard Turbo Reactors can be set up quicker than almost any other reactor on the market. Just put in the proper amount of media for your aquarium and then place it directly into your sump and plug it in! The side flow reactors can be placed almost anywhere in the sump with their space-saving footprint. They are able to save enormous amounts of space by placing the Quiet One Pro pump directly under the reactor body that not only saves space, allows for efficient energy-saving flow.

Great for tanks up to 150 gallons.
Biopellet, Carbon, GFO, and more
Built-in Flow Control
Hand Crafted
Easy Setup
Small Foot Print

Dimensions - 6.3" L x 4.2" W x 15.5" H
Capacity - 450mL (biopellets)
Pump Size - 240 GPH Quiet One 800
Wattage - 10W @ 120VAC

What's In the Box?
1 x Medium Side Flow Turbo Media Reactor
1 x Quiet One Pro 800 Pump

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