AquaScape Construction Epoxy - Coraline Algae Colour [113.4 g] 1AquaScape Construction Epoxy - Coraline Algae Colour [113.4 g] 2

AquaScape Construction Epoxy - Coraline Algae Colour [113.4 g]

Brief Description: This is an extremely versatile underwater epoxy which will set and adhere to wet aquarium rocks, live sps corals, clam shells and dead coral branches. Coraline Algae in colour.
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  • Specially developed in association with Milliput for use within marine aquariums.

  • Cures underwater to the color of coralline algae which makes it far more aesthetic than standard aquarium putty.

  • New formula is stickier so that it bonds better to wet substrates such as coral fragments and/or rockwork.

  • Main uses are for fragging, construction of rockwork, protection for tridacna clam bases, repairs of pipe fittings and all of the usual applications.

  • Package comes with detailed instructions for preparation and also with hints for specific use within the aquarium.

  • Can also be used in freshwater aquariums or ponds.

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Not pleased with this product. It mixes easily, although the color is a little more pink than actual corraline algae. It molds well, but is not very adhesive, and I have had a couple of corals fall off hrs after I mounted them - It takes a considerable time to set. The worst thing is, after just a month, this stuff has faded to a pale pink color, and shows up like a sore thumb in the tank.

Rated by Martin Feeney
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