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API Melafix [473 mL]

Brief Description: API Melafix Fish Bacterial Infection Treatment is a proven antidote for fresh and saltwater aquarium fish diseases. This treatment includes tea tree extract, known for its healing properties, and in addition to bacterial diseases treats a variety of issues ranging from wounds and abrasions to fin and tail rot whole also helping to re-grow damaged fin rays and tissue.
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API Melafix may be used when adding fish to an aquarium – particularly to smooth the transition from store to home – and if an infection is suspected, but not yet diagnosed. Some fish bought in pet stores are already carrying diseases at the time of purchase, which may be difficult to detect in its early stages. API MELAFIX fish remedy will not adversely affect the biological filter, alter the pH, or discolor water.

Heals bacterial infections and repairs damaged fins, ulcers and open wounds
Contains natural, botanical tea tree extract to quickly and rapidly help fish
Helps treat newly-introduced fish to reduce risk of disease outbreak in freshwater aquariums
Use daily for a week when treating infections and for 3 days as a preventive when adding new fish

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