New Life Probiotix Regular Sinking Pellet 1mm-1.5mm [150 g]
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New Life Probiotix Regular Sinking Pellet 1mm-1.5mm [150 g]

Brief Description: New Life Spectrum® Probiotix® probiotic enhanced food improves digestion and water quality through our own blend of probiotic cultures. Probiotix works in three ways to improve your fish’s health: improved nutrients by your fish, cleaner phosphorus-reduced waste, and cleaner water as the probiotic-laden waste gets into the filters. It’s a Virtuous Cycle.
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3+ MILLION living+viable probiotic cultures in every gram

Increased Nutrient Absorption by your fish’s gut

Cleaner Waste for better water quality

Healthy Bacteria in your water & filter = cleaner aquarium

Based on the enhanced Spectrum Nutrition Formula version developed for Thera+A (fortified with probiotics).

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