Red Sea Surface Skimmer Comb Set 1Red Sea Surface Skimmer Comb Set 2

Red Sea Surface Skimmer Comb Set

Brief Description: Fits: REEFER 250, REEFER 250 V3, REEFER 350, REEFER 350 V3, REEFER 350 V3A, REEFER XL 425, REEFER XL 425 V3, REEFER XL 425 V3A, REEFER XL 525, REEFER XL 525 V3, REEFER XL 525 V3A, REEFER XXL 625, REEFER XXL 625 A, REEFER Peninsula 500, REEFER Peninsula 650, REEFER Peninsula 650 A, REEFER NANO, REEFER 170, REEFER XL 200, REEFER XL 300, REEFER XXL 750, REEFER XXL 750-2, REEFER 450
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