MarineLand Aquarium Sealant --- 100% Clear Silicone [304 mL]

MarineLand Aquarium Sealant --- 100% Clear Silicone [304 mL]

Brief Description: A 100 % clear silicone rubber sealant for repairing leaky aquariums, broken ornaments, and can be used to build small aquariums.
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Price: $17.20

  • Repair leaky aquariums, build small aquariums and repair broken ornaments.

  • Stays flexible

  • Will not crack or shrink

  • Waterproof seal

  • Harmless to fresh and saltwater fish

  • 100% clear silicone rubber

Note: Empty tank before using sealant. Sealant typically skins in 5 minutes, cures and bonds in 24 hours. Allow 48 hours before filling tank again--optimum strength is achieved in 7 days.

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