API Rena FilStar Micro-Filtration Pads [3 pads]

API Rena FilStar Micro-Filtration Pads [3 pads]

Brief Description: Designed for use with your API Filstar XP Filter, this three-pack of API Filstar XP Micro Filtration Pads leaves behind healthy, crystal-clear water. This fine-quality cotton filter pad removes even extremely fine waste, sediment and particles from your aquarium water to create a healthy environment for your fish and plants. Each one effectively polishes the water, helping to clear away cloudiness and get rid of small particles before the water is reintroduced into the aquarium.
  • Product No. FCAF-733A - In Stock
Price: $10.40

  • Removes extremely fine waste, sediment, and particles from water

  • Helps clear cloudy water

  • Polishes water to help make it crystal clear

  • 30 ppi - pores per inch

  • Directions for use in Rena FilStar Filters:

  • Place pad in last filtration compartment, above all other filter media.

  • Replace pad once a month or sooner if it becomes clogged or if filter flow diminishes.

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