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Awesome Filter! The AQ series of filter are the best hang on back power filter you can get. the customizable media basket, and the adjustable water flow makes this a very versatile filter!! It comes with some filter media witch I promptly gave away. I have a very specific way I like my media. First I replace the foam that comes with the filter, with filter floss. I don't use carbon unless after medicating so the carbon that was included went into storage. Use the extra space the carbon would have taken up with more biological filtration. The ceramic media that comes standard when ordering an AQ is not bad, but not good enough for my 300% overstocked cichlid tank. I use 2 litres of seachem matrix instead of the media the AQ products comes with. 1 Litre of seachem matrix (Also sold at mops.ca) has more surface area for biological filtration to grow than 10 gallons of bio-balls!!!

Rated by Lenore Tessier
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