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  • API Stress Zyme [3.78L]

    API Stress Zyme [3.78L]

    Stress Zyme is a biological filter additive containing live bacteria that improves the development of the biological filter and helps clean a dirty aquarium.…

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  • API Stress Zyme [473 mL]

    API Stress Zyme [473 mL]

    Help create a naturally balanced aquarium with API Stress Zyme Aquarium Water Conditioner. Waste, sludge and uneaten food can cause toxic junk, like ammonia and nitrite, to form in your tank. But this…

  • Aquaforest BioS [50 mL]

    Aquaforest BioS [50 mL]

    A specialized formula created for the quick and effective elimination of ammonia and nitrogen compounds from the aquarium. Bio S contains specially selected bacterial strains that create a perfect env…

  • Aquaforest Freshwater Life Essence [200 mL]

    Aquaforest Freshwater Life Essence [200 mL]

    High quality agent containing nitrifying bacteria from the Nitrospirae and Nitrobacter families. Specially selected bacterial strains accelerate the removal of ammonia and other toxic organic compound…

  • Aquaforest Life Source [1000 mL]

    Aquaforest Life Source [1000 mL]

    Adding AF Life Source to your reef tank will help stabilize the biological functions allowing corals to have access to components and minerals derived from the natural environment. AF Life Source is c…

  • AquaForest ProBioS [50 mL]

    AquaForest ProBioS [50 mL]

    Highly concentrated probiotic bacteria. Supplement contains several specially selected bacteria strains. Key function is to transform phosphate and nitrates to a biomass which can be easily removed …

  • Reef Brite Live Rock Enhance [57 g]

    Reef Brite Live Rock Enhance [57 g]

    The Reef Brite Live Rock Enhance helps speed up the curing process of new live rock by introducing beneficial bacteria that eat detritus, algae, slime and other dead organic matter. Established live …

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