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  • Aquaforest Protect Dip [50mL]

    Aquaforest Protect Dip [50mL]

    A disinfecting solution for bathing corals. Thoroughly cleanses the surface of coral. Reduces the risk of developing many diseases, examples: tissue necrosis, coral bleaching, mycosis, AEFW or Brown J…

  • Reef Primer SHOT [45 g]

    Reef Primer SHOT [45 g]

    Help prevent Zoanthid Eating Nudibranchs, Montipora Eating Nudibranchs, Acropora Eating Flatworms, Bristleworms, Zoanthid Eating Spiders Red Flatworms, Filamentous Hair Algae, Rapid Tissue Necrosis, S…

  • Reef Primer [180 g]

    Reef Primer [180 g]

    Reef Primer is a premium dip for your corals and frags. Use in your acclimation routine, Reef Primer put all odds on your side to eradicate the problems caused by: Zoanthid Eating Nudibranchs, Montipo…

  • Two Little Fishies ReVive Coral Cleaner [500 mL]

    Two Little Fishies ReVive Coral Cleaner [500 mL]

    A new product developed by Julian Sprung for cleansing live stony corals. It is a surface cleaning formula based on plant extracts, not iodine.…

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