• Baensch Catfish Atlas Vol 1 [Hardcover]

    Baensch Catfish Atlas Vol 1 [Hardcover]

    The first volume presents the subfamilies Hypoptopomatinae and Loricariinae with over 900 full-color photographs. The families Cetopsidae, Nematogenydae, and Trichomycteridae are presented as well in the 944 pages of this book. Special emphasis is given to the aspects of breeding and ecology. The family Loricariidae, suckermouth or armored catfishes, contains over 650 described species and a great number of still undescribed members. Many of these are popular aquarium fishes.…
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  • Catfish Atlas Volume 1 [Hardcover]

    Catfish Atlas Volume 1 [Hardcover]

    This Catfish Atlas is the first volume of a two part thorough treatise on the sucker mouth catfishes. The emphasis of this Volume is on an introductory section describing the habitats and providing extensive information in regard to maintenance and reproduction as well as the presentation of the subfamilies Hypoptopomatinae (Otocinclus) and Loricariidae. A 944 page Hardcover book containing over 900 full-colour photographs.…
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