Sun Dome Deep Lamp [10 in.]

Sun Dome Deep Lamp [10 in.]

Brief Description: Fluker's New Sun Dome is designed with an extra long dome which is perfect for use with large or long lamps including Fluker's Sun-Glow and Sun Spot Bulbs. The dome extends beyond the face of the lamp so longer bulbs are contained within the fixture. The polished aluminum surface inside the dome increases UVB & UVA output compared to domes with interior white surfaces. 160 Watt Maximum bulb compatibility.
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Price: $29.84

  • Extra long reflector dome extends beyond the bulb.
  • Highly polished aluminum inside to increase UVB & UVA output.
  • Perfect for use with Sun Spot UV lamps and Sun-Glow UVB Compact Fluorescent Lamps.

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