• Aqualog Special - Magnificent Flowers for the Garden Pond

    Aqualog Special - Magnificent Flowers for the Garden Pond

    Species ideally suited for cultivation in and around the garden pond include numerous representatives of the Iris and Primula families, and of course the Waterlilies. All provide a fantastic floral display. The skillful combination of members of these families can be used to ensure that from March to September there are always flowers in and around the pond, with the intervening greenery providing an attractive color contrast. This book presents these plants through beautiful color photos and text, but also provides valuable hints on their sitting and cultivation requirements, and thus the basis for the successful setup of a garden pond.…
  • Creative Garden Projects

    Creative Garden Projects

    This guide shows you how to build a wide variety of attractive and useful garden features, from patios and steps to garden furniture and children's climbing frames.…
  • Master Book of Water Gardens

    Master Book of Water Gardens

    Comprehensive information on all aspects of water gardening including a historical overview. An excellent addition to any book collection.…
  • The Pond Doctor

    The Pond Doctor

    Let an experienced water gardener show you how to keep a beautiful and healthy water garden - and prevent (or solve) almost every problem you'll face - with this full-colour troubleshooting guide based on the advice of experts around the world.…
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