• KOI Manual

    KOI Manual

    In Japan, breeding Koi, a colorful fish in the carp family, is an art form. This book speaks to its increased popularity in America with information on maintaining a garden pond and proper care of the fish.…
  • Goldfish


    Written by Marshall Ostrow, this Goldfish Pet Owners manual describes a species of hardy fish that can be kept indoors or in outdoor ponds. It is filled with high quality colour photographs and information on the varieties, care, nutrition and health of these extremely popular fish. Paperback, 96 page book published in 2003.…
  • Aqualog Special - Goldfish and Fancy Goldfish

    Aqualog Special - Goldfish and Fancy Goldfish

    Goldfish are the oldest and best-known ornamental fishes in the hobby, but there are many different forms and varieties. This Special introduces the most impressive ones on the poster plus many helpful guidelines for goldfish maintenance. The fishes featured in this book are not just identified by their name, but also code number.…
  • Cult of the KOI

    Cult of the KOI

    Containing more than 500 full-colour photos and drawings, this book is loaded with detailed yet easy-to-understand information about every topic of importance to koi fanciers and fully explains the meaning of all of the Japanese koi names.…
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