The Green Iguana Manual

The Green Iguana Manual

Brief Description: This compact manual offers a thorough coverage of housing, feeding, medical problems behavior problems and captive breeding. Includes many color photos and illustrations. It remains one of the best-selling herp books of all time!
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  • Easily adapted to captivity, green iguanas are rapidly becoming one of the most popular herps to keep as pets.

  • This compact manual offers thorough coverage of proper green iguana housing and nutrition, as well as extensive tips for addressing medical and behavioral problems. Revised and updated with color photos and illustrations, it addresses iguana owners' most common concerns.

  • Included is information on creat

    ing a pet/owner bond with your green iguana and a section on other iguanas, such as those of the West Indies.

  • Authors: Philippe de Vosjoli & Roger Klingenberg, DVM

  • Format: Softcover, 8.5" x 5.5", 112 pages

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