• Floating Pond De-Icer [1250 watt]

    Floating Pond De-Icer [1250 watt]

    Designed to keep a small hole open to release harmful gases. Constructed of patented cast aluminum for the ultimate in efficiency and safety.…
  • Floating Pond Heater/De-Icer [120 watts]

    Floating Pond Heater/De-Icer [120 watts]

    For use in colder locations where typical winter temperatures result in significant or long-term icing of pond surfaces.…
  • Rock Shaped Pond De-Icer [300 watts]

    Rock Shaped Pond De-Icer [300 watts]

    The TetraPond 300 watt De-Icer keeps an area of the pond ice-free. It is effective to -20?F (-18?C) and uses an energy-efficient thermostat control that saves energy costs by shutting off power when not needed. Comes with a 15 foot electrical cord and a three year limited warranty.…
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