• Brackish Water Fishes - Identification and Care

    Brackish Water Fishes - Identification and Care

    Brackish water, defined as a mix of fresh water and salt water, is becoming an increasingly popular choice for home aquariums. Written with the combined effort of nine leading academic brackish water authorities, this comprehensive resource covers over 150 of the most accessible brackish water species and provides complete care and husbandry information for each. This book also features in-depth coverage on topics like aquarium selection and maintenance, dietary needs, and feeding techniques. 384 pages.…
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  • Caribbean Reef Fishes

    Caribbean Reef Fishes

    This book has been written primarily for the snorkeling and SCUBA diving set, the aquarist and the fisherman. Professional marine biologists will also find it useful. Formal accounts are given of the 300 species most likely to be observed by man in the sea or caught by man near shore.…
  • Marine Fish Survival Manual

    Marine Fish Survival Manual

    A comprehensive beginner's guide to keeping marine fish in the home aquarium.…
  • Whales and Dolphins, Cetacean World Guide

    Whales and Dolphins, Cetacean World Guide

    This book provides the reader with practical aids for the identification of all 79 cetacean species and observation of these gentle giants and playful denizens of the ocean. Entertaining feature stories describe their habits and unique capabilities in vivid details. Contains 300 pages and over 300 color photos.…
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