• AP 60 Diaphram Kit

    AP 60 Diaphram Kit

    OEM Replacement part for the AP-60 air pump.…
  • AP-20 Diaphragm Kit

    AP-20 Diaphragm Kit

    OEM replacement parts for the Pondmaster AP-20 Air Pump.…
  • AP-40 Diaphragm Kit

    AP-40 Diaphragm Kit

    OEM replacement parts for the Pondmaster AP-40 Air Pump.…
  • Pondmaster AP-100 Air Manifold

    Pondmaster AP-100 Air Manifold

    The Pondmaster Replacement Pond Manifold is to be used with the Pondmaster AP-100 Air Pump. The black Diffuser has 33 discharge barbs and includes rubber coupler and 2 clamps.…
    $17.90  $16.11
  • Pondmaster AP-100 Diaphragm Kit

    Pondmaster AP-100 Diaphragm Kit

    OEM replacement part for the Pondmaster AP-100 Air Pump.…
  • Repair Kit for DW-96-2(300)

    Repair Kit for DW-96-2(300)

    Contains all the replacement parts needed for the Tetra DW-96 Deepwater aquarium air pump. Includes 4 diaphragms, 8 flapper valves, 8 retaining plugs, 4 rubber washers and 4 rubber hinges.…
  • Whisper 10 Repair Kit

    Whisper 10 Repair Kit

    Repair kit for Whisper Aquarium Air Pumps keeps your pump operating at peak efficiency for years to come. Easy kits offer a simple, inexpensive solution to purchasing a new aquarium air pump. Designed for the new, dome-shaped air pump model Whisper 10. Contains 1 diaphragm, 1 flapper, 1 retaining plug, 1 gasket, 1 hinge & 1 air filter.…
  • Whisper 20/40 Repair Kit

    Whisper 20/40 Repair Kit

    OEM replacement parts for the Whisper 20 and 40 Air Pumps.…
  • Whisper 60/100 Repair Kit

    Whisper 60/100 Repair Kit

    This repair kit for the Tetra Whisper air pumps is designed to fit the new-style, blue dome-shaped Whisper Air Pumps 60/100. Easily repair your air pump - don't buy a new one! Includes 2 replacement diaphragms, 2 flappers, 2 retaining plugs, 2 gaskets, 2 hinges & 1 air filter.…
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