AquaCare Calcium Reactor Model 2


  • Model:  CRAQ-CR-AC-M2

AquaCare Calcium Reactor Model 2

BRIEF DESCRIPTION: AquaCare has developed a neutralization chamber that raises the pH of the outlet to 7.3. This neutralization stage lowers the growth of algae in an extreme way. Recommended for systems Up to 270 Gallons.
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The advantages of the AquaCare Turbo Chalk Reactor:
  • 78 to 82% less free CO2 in the outlet: AquaCare has developed a neutralization chamber that raises the pH of the outlet to 7,0 (unit 1) or 7,3 (units 2-5). This neutralization stage lowers the growth of algae extremely.
  • light phosphate removal with chemo sorption.
  • extreme water velocity: every AquaCare Turbo Chalk Reactor is filled with special granules. The water is flowing this very high speed along this material. So, CO2 bubbles cannot be caught in the granules. The flow through the granules system is constant. No flow channels can be build as with traditional Ca reactors.
  • New chalk granules consisting of calcium carbonate: the new granules are dissolving 2 to 5 times better than other materials e.g. lime stone or coral stones. So the AquaCare Turbo Chalk Reactor is more effective than others.
  • Easy de-aeration of gases: if the CO2 is not pure, the efficiency of every chalk reactor decreases with the time. To de-aerate the AquaCare Turbo Chalk Reactor you only have to shut off the circulation pump. The inlet drives pushes out all gases. If you start the reactor again all incoming CO2 is pure. Normally the Turbo Chalk Reactor is driven with a timer - only 2 to 4 hours working per day is enough to raise calcium and hydrogen carbonate in a reef tank.
  • All Turbo Chalk Reactors include a CO2 bubble counter, water inlet inspection glass and a ball valve.
  • If you want an automatically driven reactor you need the control unit consisting of a solenoid valve, check valve, CO2 sensor, transformer and the control box. For the proper working you need a water inlet (bypass of the main pump or another small pump), an small air pump and a simple timer.

Tips: To reach optimum calcium concentration in the aquarium make sure that the magnesium concentration in the water is not below 1300 mg/l (ppm)

  • Model 2
  • Recommended System Size: up to 270 gal.
  • Dimensions: 12.2 x 22.8 x 5.2 inches
  • Recommended Flow: 2.2 - 2.7 gph
  • Ca and Mg Media sold separately.
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