• Carbon Block Cartridge

    Carbon Block Cartridge

    Take out chlorine and other nasty organic and chemical substances with this carbon prefilter for your Pure Flo II RO unit Increase the life of your membrane filter with this prefilter.…

  • MaxCap Mixed-Bed Deionization [DI] Cartridge

    MaxCap Mixed-Bed Deionization [DI] Cartridge

    The revolutionary MaxCap DI ™ cartridge has over 3 times more capacity than any other Mixed-Bed or Hi-Silica removal deionizing cartridge. When placed upstream of your existing DI cartridge, the lif…

  • SilicaBuster Mixed Bed DI Cartridge

    SilicaBuster Mixed Bed DI Cartridge

    Replacement cartridge fits all standard RO/DI units including Kent, Spectrapure, Ultralife, Sandpoint, Dow, Coralife, Culligan and many others.…

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