• Shrimp Pellets [255g]

    Shrimp Pellets [255g]

    This sinking pellet is ideal for feeding a variety of tropical fish especially bottom feeders such as catfish, plecostomus and loaches.…

  • Small Fry Food [30g]

    Small Fry Food [30g]

    Wardley Premium Small Fry is a liquid food for all baby fish.…

  • Spirulina Discs [57g]

    Spirulina Discs [57g]

    Wardley Premium Spirulina Discs are an all vegetable food for bottom feeders and algae eaters. Formulated with spirulina as its chief ingredient, this blue green algae is known for its abundance of co…

  • Staple Flakes [2.27 kG]

    Staple Flakes [2.27 kG]

    Wardley Staple Flakes are a nutritious basic diet for all species of tropical fish. Contains a stabilized form of Vitamin C, which aids in normal wound healing, disease resistance and normal bone and…

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