• ''VeggieMag'' the Magnetic Feeding Clip

    ''VeggieMag'' the Magnetic Feeding Clip

    The Two Little Fishies Veggie Mag is a powerful magnetically coupled clip and feeding point for holding seaweed or other food items on aquarium walls.…

  • 4-Way Cone Worm Feeder

    4-Way Cone Worm Feeder

    The 4-Way Cone Worm Feeder is made up of three separate pieces: a floating ring, a cone worm feeder and a suction cup.…

  • Daily Double Automatic Fish Feeder II

    Daily Double Automatic Fish Feeder II

    Battery operated unit dispenses flake food twice a day, holding enough for up to four weeks.…

  • Double Seaweed Clips [2 per pkg]

    Double Seaweed Clips [2 per pkg]

    Holds the seaweed underwater for the fish to feed upon and helps promote a very natural feeding by allowing fish to pick at the food, little by little, over an extended period of time. They have a suc…

  • Ekomixo Automatic Feeder

    Ekomixo Automatic Feeder

    Battery operated food feeder for fish. See-through, detachable, high capacity container (approx 100 ml) with ten different dose settings. Special mixing vibration prevents clumps from forming.…

  • Feeding Station [Medium]

    Feeding Station [Medium]

    The "Feeding Frenzy" Feeding Station is a unique tool for making the feeding of flake foods and other floating foods an easier, more efficient and more enjoyable process (for fish and fish k…

  • Floating Veggie Clip

    Floating Veggie Clip

    Unique plastic clip with a large suction cup that securely holds SeaVeggies and other seaweed with a powerful grip. Unlike other clips, this clip floats, so it is easy to retrieve and won't get lost i…

  • Julian's Thing Direct Feeder

    Julian's Thing Direct Feeder

    Julian's Thing is a NEW multi-purpose device. Use it for feeding corals, for feeding anemones, for feeding zoanthids, for feeding seahorses and other timid or slow moving fishes. Use it for applying s…

  • Sea Squirt  [35 in. Feeds Inverts or Fish]

    Sea Squirt [35 in. Feeds Inverts or Fish]

    Extending fish and invertebrate feeding instrument for fresh and saltwater aquariums. Extends up to 35" for deep tanks or hard to reach places!…

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