Dosing and Auto Top Off (ATO) pumps and equipment offer you an easy way to keep up with the maintenance of your aquarium. Dosing pumps allow you to supplement trace elements, calcium, magnesium, alkalinity and other additives to your aquarium in a controlled way. Auto-Top off pumps and accessories are used to replace tank water lost to evaporation, allowing you to maintain a more stable aquatic environment.


  • AquaDose [1400 mL]

    AquaDose [1400 mL]

    With its adjustable gravity drip system the Kent AquaDose is an economical no mess solution to dosing your system with Kalkwasser and other mixes.…

  • Digital Spoon Scale

    Digital Spoon Scale

    When precision matters, the Seachem Digital Spoon Scale is the perfect companion tool for the serious aquarist. Accurate and easy to use, it will ensure precise dosing of any chemical or supplement up…

  • IceCap Liquid Dosing Pump w/Power Link

    IceCap Liquid Dosing Pump w/Power Link

    The IceCap Liquid Dosing Pump is an energy efficient precision output peristaltic pumps can be used for topping off water lost due to evaporation, dosing trace elements, adding two-part supplements, b…

  • Smart Level Auto Controller

    Smart Level Auto Controller

    Smart Level is the new versatile fully electronic water level controller designed by Hydor. Smart Level safely and easily handles the aquarium and sump water level due to evaporation.…

  • Tsunami AT-1 Auto Top off system

    Tsunami AT-1 Auto Top off system

    When combined with a user supplied powerhead and reservoir of water, the Tsunami AT-1 automatically adds water to your sump or tank when the water level drops.…

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